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Creative \\ Decisive \\ Thinkers

We're the perfect combination of eccentric & driven.

Here at the Studio, we push ourselves to be the best we can be - both personally and professionally. Between goofing off at the office and burning the midnight oil, we found something special that makes our work incredibly rewarding. Why not get to know us and see why we're the best?

Learn how we work.

Understanding our processes helps you get inside our heads and know how we think. Our web design and development processes are what set us our apart from our competition, allowing us to offer a higher quality product for a lower overall production cost.


Discover Opportunities

Whether your brand needs a facelift or you're starting a brand new e-commerce website, it's vital to sit down to assess your position in the market and what you want to achieve. But that's the tedious part – we want you to dream.

The world is full of opportunity for new growth, innovation, and creativity. Ask yourself, "What if?". When everybody thinks alike, no one is progressing. Break down old processes and make room for innovation.


Develop Objectives

Objectives are the key to success. At the Studio, we ensure that our clients understand their own needs are. During this phase, we refine lofty ideas & develop tangible, achievable goal sets with measurable metrics.

By using goal-oriented design, it optimizes our time, our workflow, and your budget. And, by setting goals with metrics, you're able to measure results and analyze your ROI.


Produce Results

Here, we turn your objectives into reality. From sketching a concept through a final product, we take immense care in what we do. Quality results aren't achieved easily. And, they're not just about the fact that a project gets 'done'.

We've refined our workflow for years. We work within a process that can guarantee we complete our work on time, within budget, and industry-leading quality.


Maintain Success

At the Studio, we work hard to develop close relationships with our clients. Our global and far-reaching approach leads to long-term strategies that blend in success with innovation. While we can 'build a cool website,' that's not what we're about at our core.

We're passionate about what we do, and it drives us to ensure that you're spending your money wisely.We give your organization tools with which to work. But, you must actively use them to be truly useful — and that's why we're here to help.


Plan for the future

Planning for the future after investing in a project is difficult, yet necessary step in building your business. A website is a foundation on which to grow, and we help you understand everything that comes after.

Grasping future steps and properly leveraging your tools is key to success. Knowing what to expect down the road makes the world of difference.

Get to know the folks behind it all.

Jon Savage
Team Member

Jon Savage


Owner & CEO

Matt Maskill
Team Member

Matt Maskill


Account Manager

Mackenzie Robinson
Team Member

Mackenzie Robinson


Lead Designer

Ted K. Pagonis
Team Member

Ted K. Pagonis


Managing Developer

Seems like people have really nice things to say about us.

I appreciated the excellent customer service at Studio Ace of Spades. It was great to always deal with the same person. Jon treated any question — and the project as a whole — with respect. He returned phone calls promptly and met deadlines. The result was an attractive site that matched our needs and garnered many compliments.


The team at SAOS always puts me at ease when working on web projects. They are calm, cool, and collected and have a way of translating digital jargon in a way that I can understand it and communicate it back to my client.

Kasey Bertolino, Account Manager at AKHIA

I’ve worked with the SAOS team since 2012. They're professionals that truly understand web technologies, always advising along the way, so I know what my investment is going to accomplish. Whether it be while I was at an agency or for the occasional freelance project, I’ve turned to the SAOS team for many projects - design, websites, mobile app and digital strategy - they’ve done it all for me, and I have valued their guidance and knowledge.

Michael Schwabe, PR & Marketing Hero