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MagiQuiz is a site that boasts more than one million visitors per month. Originally, we built it during a two-week sprint. Since then, it's grown into a massively popular quiz platform.

Project Completion Date

August 20, 2015

Client Location

Pasadena, CA

Services Provided

Ad Operations
System Administrations
Server Management

Client Industries


Team Notes

One of the most-data driven layouts we've worked with.

Learn about our process on this project.

BrainJolt Media contacted us a with a new project they were launching – a quiz-based site with a clean, easy-to-use interface and administrative tools to cut down the time it took to create new quizzes. However, while it sounded straight-forward to begin, we were presented with several key challenges:

  • A fast turn around time
  • An easy way for the quiz authors to create the quizzes
  • Integration with existing advertising technology

Tight Deadline

Building quickly is more about planning than typing faster. A qualified plan results in lower costs specifically due to forethought.

We were given just two weeks to take the site from the “idea” to reality.  Fortunately for Magiquiz, we’ve gotten pretty used to the phrase “as soon as possible”, meaning that we’re comfortable working within hefty time constraints.

We leveraged our knowledge of existing technologies to simplify code and the design. This allowed us to avoid duplicating work and we were able to get rolling as soon as possible. Drawing knowledge from previous projects, especially having worked with Brainjolt Media before, we were able to get the project moving quickly. And, being a small and nimble company, we cut through the red tape and focused our time on creating the site instead of unnecessary meetings.

Ease of Use

Creating new quizzes requires a complex system; the authors need to be able to quickly and easily add multiple types of questions that change the outcome of the quiz for the end user. There are a lot of moving pieces that have to come together to create a seamless user experience.  While we’re not at liberty to disclose the exact system in place, we can say that we developed an intuitive system allowing authors to easily flip between questions, answers, and results to create quizzes with their desired outcomes.

Adding the ads

Nobody likes seeing ads, but they’re what keeps the content on the internet free.  MagiQuiz is powered by advertising, keeping the content free for users. We were tasked with building a system to show users ads without intruding on the overall experience. We integrated the site with several of the best advertisers, making the site profitable while maintaining a seamless experience for the users.

Long-Term Maintenance and Website Upgrades

To this day, we continue to work with Brainjolt Media to upgrade their website based on user interaction and performance data. As we work, the site perpetually improves, increasing profit margins and making the experience better still for the end-user.

Take a look at how it turned out.