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Social Media Marketing drives dynamic growth.

Interacting with your customers and users puts a face on your brand and personifies what you do. We help our clients interact in meaningful ways on social media as well as put together targeted, effective marketing campaigns for them that tie in with their online strategies.

Develop your brand identity.

An open eye

Improved Brand Recognition

Put yourself out there

Social media lends itself well to developing your voice and personality with which you interact with your customers. Brands who post frequently online not online gain access to new, lead-qualified customers, but also enjoy increased loyalty from those who follow them.

A chart breaking down money expenditures

Higher Conversion Rates

Quality leads get results

Social media marketing results in higher conversion rates for a multitude of reasons, the largest being the humanizing factor. Brands that properly develop their online voice can interact as a person rather than a larger organization and develop a peer-based relationship with its customers.

An arrow hitting a target

Targeted Audiences

Qualified leads make money

Social media platforms are offering more options for choosing with whom you interact than ever before. By identifying your core audience, you can tailor your sales campaign and online marketing strategy directly to the audience who will have the highest conversion rates – thus, increasing sales while decreasing costs.

Money going into a piggy bank

Decreased Marketing Costs

Less effort, better results

Paid advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram costs less than ever before, even while the effectiveness of the ad platforms are rising. By starting with a solid budget and refining to your most effective strategies, you can easily grow your social program while lowering your investment.

Understand process for developing successful campaigns.


Define your audience

At the heart of truly successful social media marketing campaigns lies a well-defined target audience. We work with you to identify those that your brand, product, and service best relate to and then work within refined demographics to best engage those customers.

By defining an audience, you can lower your marketing cost by promoting only to those with a genuine interest in you. Not to mention, those identified during this process will most likely be your highest converting customers as well, resulting in better-qualified leads or more sales.


Discover your voice

Social media provides a unique environment where you have complete control over your business' personality. Users will view your organization as another user - rather than as a company.

In this case, users are more likely to interact with what you have to say. Additionally, studies have shown that organizations who speak with a personal voice have a higher conversion rate.


Develop your content

Going hand in hand with discovering your voice is developing your content. During this phase, we assist you in developing information that will intrigue and engage your audience.

Content developed can range from Facebook posts, Instagram posts, blog copy, to targeted ad campaigns that drive users to a landing page.


Deliver results

Results are what keep these campaigns going. After a campaign sprint has ended, we sit down and analyze your data. Not only will you see exactly how your money was spent and the results in garnered, but we will be able to review the information to improve the next leg of the campaign.

By analyzing data, we are able to constantly improve the success of your campaigns. Over the long term, this leads to decreased costs and much higher returns on your investment.

Have some questions? Get some answers.

How much does social media marketing cost?

Perhaps the best aspect of social media marketing is that any budget is workable. Be it a $50 per month investment or a more involved multi-thousand dollar campaign, you can see results at any investment size.

How long do social media campaigns last?

Campaigns can be as short as a few days or as long as you'd like - even upwards of a year. It really depends on your goals that you're trying to achieve. Talk to us and we can help you accurately plan and budget for the best results.

Are there any other steps than posting on Facebook?

Yes. Posting on Facebook should be part of a larger campaign, and honestly, it's about the smallest piece of the puzzle. Between developing targeted landing pages, identifying high-conversion target audiences, and refining successful ads, Facebook posts are simply a nice way to keep your already-loyal base engaged.

Who posts on the social media accounts?

It depends. You can develop and post the content yourself and leave the ad placement and promotion to us, or we can do detailed work with you to hand-craft and schedule your messaging. Talk to us to figure out what will work best for you!

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I appreciated the excellent customer service at Studio Ace of Spades. It was great to always deal with the same person. Jon treated any question — and the project as a whole — with respect. He returned phone calls promptly and met deadlines. The result was an attractive site that matched our needs and garnered many compliments.


The team at SAOS always puts me at ease when working on web projects. They are calm, cool, and collected and have a way of translating digital jargon in a way that I can understand it and communicate it back to my client.

Kasey Bertolino, Account Manager at AKHIA

I’ve worked with the SAOS team since 2012. They're professionals that truly understand web technologies, always advising along the way, so I know what my investment is going to accomplish. Whether it be while I was at an agency or for the occasional freelance project, I’ve turned to the SAOS team for many projects - design, websites, mobile app and digital strategy - they’ve done it all for me, and I have valued their guidance and knowledge.

Michael Schwabe, PR & Marketing Hero